Message from the Managing Director

It was in 1973 when all my dreams were caught by the shipping industry. Unfortunately a degree in shipping was not offered then, so I decided to enroll at university of Greece and study Economics and English. After my completion in early 1977 I decided to leave Greece and go after my dreams in England. The degree of my choice was ” Shipping Management and Maritime Law” in City of London Polytechnics, and after the successful completion of my degree in 1979, I flew back to Greece and started working for Norasia Lines, in sales position, and shortly appointed as a sale manager for the trade in the Arabian Gulf and Far east. Back then: Norasia Lines was the only Line working with a direct service in and out from Far East and the Arabian Gulf to Piraeus.

In 1992, when MSC Lines decides to come to Greece, having Piraeus as their hub-port, I was amongst the very few people that made that move come true. I was responsible for the sales department, at their Piraeus offices, as a sale and marketing manager.

It was in early 1996 when I decided that it was time to make something of my own, and it was then that Euro Container Services was established. Although I decided to start my own business, I can never persuade myself as a competitor towards any line, and our relationships still remain very friendly.

Exclusive agents of the Armada Lines until 2002 when under company’s policy they decided to stop their service to Piraeus.

My company continues to remain unattainable, with a special attention to freight forwarding and has won a leading position in the Greek shipping market share.